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Duties and Responsibilities

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We see our duties as being the suppliers of professional skills to our Clients in all matters relating to insurance. We have an intimate knowledge of the Kenyan insurance market and follow the developments in the international insurance market keenly.

If you appoint us your Insurance Brokers and Advisors, you will report all claims to us and we will help in compiling documentation for such claims for settlement by insurers. After we have assisted our clients to document the claim, we consider it our duty to negotiate with the insurers for speedy and fair settlement of the claim.

It is our responsibility to ensure that we place insurance on behalf of our Clients with insurers of good repute and sound financial base.  We review the financial security of all insurers in Kenya on an annual basis. Insurers who do not meet our financial security requirements are not "approved" by our Board of Directors for the purposes of placing our client's insurances.

Whilst financial security of an insurer is of paramount importance, we take into account the following additional factors:

    1.  Professional qualifications and quality of management of the insurer,
    2.  Efficiency of the insurer,
    3.  Realistic attitude towards claims,
    4.  The reinsurance arrangement of the insurer.

All these factors are necessary to ensure appropriate insurance covers and efficient service in both underwriting and claims are achieved.