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Our Guiding Principles

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We at Skylark Africa Insurance Brokers Limited, as professional Insurance Brokers are governed by strict professional ethics and conduct. Our duty is to our Clients. We have no affiliation or responsibility to any insurance company. We place business with the best insurance companies for our clients.

Our major considerations in quoting for, reporting on and managing an Insurance Programme are as follows:
    a)   Our ability to offer professional and personalised service,
    b)   Our ability to understand our clients business,
    c)   Our ability to identify operational risks of our client,
    d)   Our ability to separate insurable risks,
    e)   Our ability to put together a programme that gives our client the insurance protection they need,
    f)   If we are satisfied we can do the above, we select the insurance market and sell the program to insurance companies at the most competitive terms without sacrificing security.

We are able to do this due to the following major advantages we have over other insurance brokers in Kenya.

    •   Qualified, competent, experienced and motivated staff,
    •   Considerable experience of our Executive Chairman gained over a period of more than 39 years in the Insurance Industry in Kenya,
    •   The management independence in the running of the Company,
    •   Our experience in handling major Insurance Programs in Kenya,
    •   Our total and complete understanding of the local insurance market and the status we enjoy as professional insurance brokers,
    •   Our commitment to personalised customer service,
    •   Our ability to have claims paid promptly and fairly.

Whilst premium is a very important factor in our considerations, there are 2 factors which are equally important, first providing efficient and personalised service to our clients. Second, the choice of the insurance companies that are financially sound and able to handle claims efficiently. At all times, we ensure that we do not sacrifice the quality of the security provided to our clients.