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This policy provides cover for loss or damage caused by burglars. Burglary is defined as breaking in or out of premises for the purpose of stealing. Therefore, there must be evidence of use of force to gain entry into or out of the premises. Hold up is covered or use of threat to the employees. However, this is not automatic with some companies and therefore must be requested for specifically. We do this automatically and also include all the essential clauses for our clients protection.

The cover extends to include damage to the premises caused by burglars. It is therefore important to include cover for plant and machinery for industrial premises.

It is also important to extend the policy to include riot and strikes.

The basis of settlement of claims is depreciated values and for stock the cost of replacement of stock. However, the policy can be extended for plant and machinery and equipment to be on replacement value basis.

It is the responsibility of the insured to give the accurate sum insured based on the type of settlement he expects.