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Domestic Package

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This policy is designed to meet the insurance needs of home owners and occupiers of residential houses. The policy is divided into 5 sections as follows:

This section covers buildings. It provides comprehensive cover to the buildings against fire and all perils available under a fire policy. The cover is on reinstatement basis. It also covers damage to the building following a burglary or attempted break in.

This section covers contents of the residential house. In addition to the fire cover it includes burglary for the contents of the house.The contents section is premises based and does not cover items lost or damaged outside the residence.

This is an all risks section for valuable items. These are items such as cameras, jewellery, mobile phones, watches and personal effects which might leave the residence. The cover for this section can be extended to worldwide.

This section provides cover for domestic servants as required by law for a domestic employee injured or killed in the course of normal duties of employment.

This section provides cover for liabilities of home owners plus personal liability for the occupiers.

It is not necessary to take cover under all the sections. An occupier who has leased the house would be interested in covering contents of the house and possibly the all risks, WIBA, and occupiers liability. The owner of the house would be interested in covering his building and his liability as owner of the house.