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Fire and Perils

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This policy provides cover for the insured property against loss or damage caused by:-

  1. Fire & explosion from any cause
  2. Loss or damage caused by lightening
  3. Loss or damage as a result of bush fire
  4. Loss or damage caused by earthquake
  5. Loss or damage caused by riot or strikes
  6. Loss or damage caused by malicious people
  7. Flood and water damage
  8. Storm damage caused by wind or excessive rain etc
  9. Impact by motor vehicle
  10. Loss or damage caused by aircraft or any object falling from the air

Please note that loss or damage caused by terrorist is not covered. It can be covered on request under a separate policy.

This policy has over 50 clauses covering many aspects of damage by insured peril, which would otherwise have been excluded. We, as brokers incorporate all the clauses which are important for clients’ protection. The policy is subject to earthquake excess of 2% subject to a maximum of Kshs.5, 000,000/-.

The policy will not cover the willful setting on fire of property by the insured for purpose of benefiting from insurance.