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Consultancy Services

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Skylark offers consultancy services in risk management and insurance. These are offered as stand-alone services or complementary to insurance broking.

Expert Appraisal
We offer expert appraisal services on interpretation of policy wording and claims. This service is open to all who require an experienced and objective second opinion on all matters insurance. We have offered this service to insured’s, insurance companies and other insurance brokers in the past and have also appeared as expert witnesses where matters have proceeded to litigation.

Claims Consultancy
Many claims are not paid simply because the claim was not presented to the insurer correctly.
We are not satisfied simply because a claim has been settled. We believe that a claim is only successfully concluded when the insured receives full compensation as provided under the terms of the insurance contract.

The difference in receiving full compensation or any compensation at all lies in correct interpretation of the policy wording and presentation of supporting documents in a manner that allows the insurer and reinsurer make sense of the claim and accept liability and issue payment. We are adept at this and have seen many large claims where the insured had despaired of ever receiving compensation successfully paid.

This service is inbuilt for those who place their insurance through us and is available as a stand-alone option for all others. We have had many large claims settled in the country under this service.

Retirement Planning
Skylark Africa has over the years training and consultancy services on the establishment and administration of retirement benefit schemes. This facility is open to individuals and groups who require expert advice on retirement benefits.

Risk Management
We offer risk management consultancy and design insurance programmes. We advise on risk improvement measures. We also have the expertise to draft policy wordings for insurance contracts where the insured has unique needs and there is no appropriate policy in the market.

Product Design and Innovation
Skylark is involved in insurance product innovation. In this regard the company launched the first and award winning senior citizen’s medical insurance scheme in the Kenya market. The company continuously engages in innovation to develop products suitable to the local market.
Our expertise in this regard is offered to insurance companies and client’s who wish to have special products designed in the market.

The company organises a variety of training courses for its clients. On request tailor made courses may be designed for groups and organizations to fit their unique needs. Training is conducted in liaison with other accredited institutions and trainers to offer international standard exposure to insurance and risk management.

Career Guidance and Coaching
Our career guidance services are open to persons involved in insurance at all levels. Career coaching and executive coaching is arranged with certified professionals to enable coachees have fulfilling work experience on their journey to a secure and happy retirement.