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Payment for Our Services

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Although we act on behalf of our Clients and strictly speaking we are their consultants on matters relating to insurance and risk management, insurance companies pay for our services. This is because we are the source of business for them and we make work easier for them in organising the insurance programmes and putting together claims in a manner that is easy for them to understand and effect payment. We reduce substantially the workload for the insurer. This is the practice in most of the insurance industries all over the world.

Our remuneration is by way of commissions, which are laid down in the Insurance Act.  Therefore, it does not cost our clients any more than it would cost them if they were to go direct to the Insurance Company.  However, the benefits to the Clients stemming from our appointment as Brokers are enormous in that they get professional advice and service at no extra cost.

Insurance Premium Finance
Payment of premiums can have an impact on cash flow of companies.  Due to the limitation imposed by law to the brokers and insuring public, we recommend premium finance to our clients. No collateral is required for this financing.