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Insurance Companies

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It is sometimes difficult for us to get good insurers that meet the criteria for our quality clients. Over the last twenty years or so, there have been many changes - some of them quite major, e.g., amalgamations, buying-off of foreign controlling interests - which have reduced our insurance market capacity considerably.  There are also many small companies which are politically connected which we prefer not place business with.

There are 44 insurance companies operating in Kenya of which 30 have failed to meet our stringent eligibility criteria. Major insurance Programs are placed with one or more of the top 10 companies. 

Today in Kenya, there are seven companies with international affiliations, these are:

•    Chartis Insurance Company Limited (previously AIG - America)
•    Kenindia Assurance Company Limited (General Insurance Corporation - India)
•    British-American Insurance Company Limited. (Bermuda)
•    Pan Africa Insurance Company Limited (South Africa)
•    Old Mutual Assurance Company Limited (South Africa)
•    Metropolitan Life (South Africa)
•    The Heritage Insurance Company Limited (South Africa)

All are reputable and have a good financial base. 

The next categories of insurers are those locally owned or controlled and have strong financial base and good management. These are the companies we consider to be exceptional and capable to lead any major insurance program:
1. UAP - Provincial Insurance Company of East Africa Limited
2. APA  Insurance Company Limited
3. Jubilee Insurance Company Limited
4. First Assurance
5. Insurance Company of East Africa Limited (ICEA)
6. CIC