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Workmen's Injury Benefit Act (WIBA)

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This insurance is based on the Workmen’s Injury Benefits Act. This Act replaced the previous Workmen's Compensation policy. It requires the employer to compensate any employee injured in the course of his/her employment. It is a compulsory compensation and is also compulsory to insure under the new law.

The damages are assessed by Health & Occupational Safety Officer of the area where the injuries take place. Therefore, every case has to be reported to the Labour office. There are special forms to be completed by the employer.

The compensation under the new law is 8 years’ earnings for death and permanent disability. The new law includes transport by employers vehicles. The law requires compensation for temporary incapacity and medical as a result of injuries or illness at the place of work. It also provides for artificial limbs as well as transport to and from hospital.